Tumaco Pacífico

Monday, Oct 12 @ 7pm
Dir. Samuel Córdoba. 2008. Colombia. 90 minutes

A journey into the pile dwelling, Afro-Colombian communities of Tumaco, on the south Pacific coast of Colombia. Giving voice to their residents, this documentary reveals the bravery and wisdom, despite poverty, of lives who are honoring the Pacific: the ocean that feeds and bathes them. Tumaco Pacífico is an immersion into daily life of a culture surviving in an endangered environment.

*Shown with short film
Dir. Angello Faccini, Guille Isa. 2018. Colombia. 1o minutes.
In the coastal village of La Ensenada, Colombia, where digging for shellfish is a way of life, everyone must learn to swim eventually, even little Dulce. But as the effects of climate change, marked by swelling tides and shrinking coastlines, begin to threaten the village’s livelihood, the carefree swimming lessons led by Dulce’s mother take on a sense of urgency.

still from Tumaco Pacifico film