Special Duke course LATAMER 390-1

For this year’s NCLAFF festival, students will have the opportunity to enjoy the festival while earning 1-course credit (if registered as Duke/UNC/NCState student). 

*Members of the community may also register for the class, but no credit will be given.

LATAMER 390-01
Special Topics
Latin American and Caribbean Film in the Era of Neoliberalism (1985-2020)


Kenneth F Maffitt. PhD. &
Miguel Rojas-Sotelo, PhD.

This special course explores cinema from and about Latin America and the Caribbean to expand our understanding of this culturally diverse region comprising more than twenty countries and territories. The scope is the past 35 years of audiovisual production, which has been covered by the North Carolina Latin American Film Festival (NCLAFF), with special emphasis on three dimensions: 1. Globalizing Latin American and Caribbean Film; 2. Indigenous, Afro, and Other cinemas; 3. Teaching Latin America and the Caribbean (with/through) Film.

We will examine topics such as, history, politics, memory, traditions, cultures, language, and gender through the lens of films by Latin American screenwriters and directors. Participants will gain experience in film analysis, learning how to articulate the relationship between content and artistic form. Through this cinematographic encounter, we will begin to see and understand Latin America in a new way.

The course offers two sessions before the NCLAFF. 

SEPTEMBER 14. 7 to 9 PM. Globalizing Latin American Film

SEPTEMBER 28. 7 to 9 PM. Other Cinemas in Latin America.

Contact us if you want to participate also in a number of screening/streaming options and to obtain reading materials for the sessions!

Mail to: mlr34@duke.edu