O Mestre e o Divino | The Master and Divino

Tuesday, Oct 13 @ 7pm
Dir. Tiago Torres Campos. Brazil. 2013. 85 minutes.
Xavante, Portuguese, and Spanish with English subtitles.

Two filmmakers portray life in the village and in the mission of Sangradouro, Mato Grosso. One, Adalberto Heide, is an eccentric German missionary, who makes contact with the Xavante Indians in 1957 and starts to film them with his Super-8 camera. The other, Divino Tserewahu, is a young Xavante filmmaker who began producing films for television and cinema festivals in the 1990s. Shifting between complicity, competition, irony and affect, they give life to their historical records, revealing the peculiar backstages of indigenous life in Brazil.

Still photo of Divino Tserewahu from O Mestre e o Divino film